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The Ultimate Spotify Summer Playlist for 2020

The Ultimate Spotify Summer Playlist for 2020

Every summer needs a soundtrack. Here is our ultimate Spotify summer playlist for 2020 to get you feeling fun and free.

The summer is finally here. This summer might not be a conventional one, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a whole lot of fun. Whether you’re looking for ways to entertain kids at home while self-isolating or need an incredible, family-friendly playlist for a long road trip, we have you covered. This is the ultimate Spotify summer playlist for 2020.

We’ve included some modern gems and also classics that never seem to get old, but always get you dancing. The songs below will be a hit with your kids, but parents will also warmly welcome them. So pump up your Jooki and make some memories with the Spotify playlist below!

‘These Days’ by Rudimental

This song was released in 2018 and features Jess Glynne, Macklemore, and Dan Caplen. It's a catchy song that's loved by all generations. There's just enough repetition to get younger kids interested, and there's a sense of nostalgia about the song that we believe makes it a modern-day classic. We guarantee you'll look back at this song one day with fond memories of summer 2020.

‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl?’ by Jet

This song, released in 2003, definitely deserves a place on our Spotify summer playlist! It’s upbeat, catchy, while also being very family-friendly. There are no words you need to worry about, and your kids will love to get up and dance to this hit.

‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles

This recent chart-topper is a great addition to this year's summer playlist! This song is all about the special feeling of summer. Your kids will love it, and we think you’ll become quite addicted, too.

‘Roar’ by Katy Perry

Who doesn’t love this song? This pop-rock classic is just what you need to get the adrenaline pumping. This motivational song is all about gaining independence and speaking up for yourself — values we advocate here at Jooki.

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‘I Gotta Feeling’ by Black Eyed Peas

This song is so feel-good and upbeat, we can’t imagine anyone not liking it. It’s a great song for kids to sing along to on a long car ride, and it’s one parents will love hearing, too.

‘Trolls Wanna Have Good Times’ by Trolls World Tour

Trolls World Tour was released this year, and kids are obsessed. We don’t blame them. There’s nothing like a troll cover to get you in a good mood. This song is sure to please your kids, and we bet that, secretly, even parents will be enthused to have this on their Spotify summer playlist.

‘When I Am Older’ by Olaf the Snowman

This might sound like a strange addition to a summer playlist, but we couldn’t resist. As well as Trolls World Tour, Frozen 2 is a recently-released movie that has captured the hearts of kids all over the world. Any Spotify summer playlist without at least one Frozen 2 song will be sure to disappoint your kids, and we can’t have that!

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‘You're Welcome’ by Maui

We're on a roll with amazing movies. In this song, Dwayne Johnson sings as Maui, a demigod with a massive ego. The movie is full of songs that remind us of summer, fun, and excitement. This is one we believe will get the kids laughing — and entertain the adults in the room.

‘The Hippopotamus’ by Planet Smashers

This is a silly, upbeat song your kids will love to dance around to in the garden. It’s a song that tells your kids what dance moves to make, so even the most reluctant will feel encouraged to dance away! Parents will love the music, and it’ll save you having to listen to your kid’s favorite Disney song for the thousandth time! Is your kid a fan of audiobooks?

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‘Shake It off’ by the Sing Cast

The incredible Sing movie features animals that are competing in a singing competition. There are a lot of classics in this movie, but for this summer, we think Shake it Off is a track you and your kids will love. It’s a little addictive, though, so you have been warned — your kids might want to listen to it repeatedly.

‘Everything Is AWESOME’ from The Lego Movie

Like Trolls, the Lego Movie is a feel-good film that appeals to everyone, regardless of age or music preferences. Everything is AWESOME is, quite simply, awesome. It’ll unite your entire family and lift everyone’s mood. It’s the perfect addition to your Spotify summer playlist.

‘Life Is a Highway’ from Cars

We mentioned long trips this summer. If this is on the cards for you, Life is a Highway is the perfect song for your playlist! The song is from the Disney movie Cars, but it’s so good it sounds like a hit in its own right, so we think adults and kids will love to sing along to this track.

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‘I'm a Believer’ by Smash Mouth

I’m a Believer is a track that dates back to 1966 when the Monkees made it an instant hit. It was rereleased by Smash Mouth in 2001 to accompany Shrek, and it’s been a favorite ever since. People love this up-tempo, feel-good song, and it seems perfect to accompany the summer months.

‘Splish Splash’ by Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin released this song in 1958, and who would have thought it would still be popular in 2020? There’s something undeniably catchy about this song that kids just latch on to, making it a great fit for any family summer soundtrack.

‘Jump around’ by House of Pain

While we’re talking about classics, Jump Around is a great way to get your kids to work off that extra energy! We guarantee your family will love and bond over this song, which never seems to get old.

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