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Soothing Sleep Music for Kids (and Spotify Playlist)

Soothing Sleep Music for Kids (and Spotify Playlist)

Are you looking for the ideal sleep music for kids? We've got you covered. Bedtime will be a breeze with this playlist.

Music is a part of everyday life — it can lift our moods, energize us — and calm us down. We designed Jooki with child development in mind, and nothing is more important to growing brains and bodies than sleep. We know our kids need to sleep … but we also know it isn’t always that straightforward.

As many as 50% of children will experience a sleep problem. Often, kids will eventually grow out of their sleep resistance, but at the time, it can feel overwhelming for parents. You want the best for them, but they seem determined to thwart their bedtime routines at every step. We understand the temptation to give up, but the sooner you intervene and create a soothing environment, the sooner your kids will learn to put themselves to bed.

Did you know music can make a significant difference at bedtime? There is research to suggest music has a direct impact on the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps our bodies relax and prepare for sleep. But the type of music you play certainly matters. You want something mellow, low-tempo, and calming. With this in mind, we at Jooki have researched the ultimate sleep music for kids.

To make your lives easier, we’ve compiled the music below into a Spotify playlist. Simply sync it up to your Jooki and settle down for a soothing night.

Before We Get Started: Tips For Winding Down

Before we go ahead and share our sleep music for kids, we thought we’d give our top tips for a calming bedtime.

  1. Cut back on screen time. The blue light emitted by screens isn’t great for your kid’s circadian rhythm. It also tends to get them amped up at a time when you want them to wind down. For further information, check out our blog post on reasons to cut down on screen time.
  2. Start bedtime at the same time each day. This means weekdays as well as weekends. It also includes holidays. Your nighttime routine will be so much smoother if you keep it consistent.
  3. Keep your routine consistent. This includes everything from dinner time to when your child lies down their head to go to sleep. For many, this will include bathtime and a book (learn more about the importance of the bedtime story for kids). Do the same things at the same times and keep the timings (duration) the same for each activity, so your child knows what to expect.
  4. Be respectful of your child’s sleep. This means keeping a calm environment in the rest of the house. If your child can hear you playing music or watching television in another room, they will want to come and spend time with you. This doesn’t mean you need to put your lives and fun on hold, but try to keep the volume down.
  5. Give your child some choices to make — don’t take control over every single aspect of the nighttime routine. Let your child decide what night clothes they want to wear, what book they will read — giving them a bit more autonomy will make bedtime less scary.

Soothing Sleep Music for Kids

This playlist is carefully laid out, including sing-along songs and instrumental music designed to calm and soothe your child.

1. Puff The Magic Dragon

Who doesn’t love Puff the Magic Dragon? It’s a classic. We’ve all grown up with it, and chances are your kids know and love this song, too. It’s a calming song, but one your kids will want to sing along to. That’s no problem — the first few songs on this playlist are songs your kids can sing to. This gets them involved in the bedtime routine.

2. A Whole New World

If your kids love Aladdin, they’ll be thrilled at this edition! This song is really dreamlike and calming for kids.

3. I See the Light

This is a song from Tangled, a more recent Disney film. It’s equally calming and low-tempo. It’s also comforting and loving, putting your kids in the right mindset for bedtime.

4. Can You Feel The Love Tonight

As with the other Disney songs, this Lion King classic is an ideal nighttime song.

5. Over the Rainbow

There’s a chance your kids might not be as familiar with this song, which is fine — we’re getting to the point where we’re winding down from the singalong songs into more instrumental music. But this is a lovely song your kids will certainly enjoy. It’s all about hope and bright futures, making it an ideal addition to any sleep music for kids playlist.

6. Brahms Lullaby

There's a reason this song is found in so many hanging baby mobiles and children's toys. In fact, if your child grew up listening to this song before bedtime, there's the chance that the familiar tones will help them drift off to sleep even now. Brahms Lullaby is well-known for its soft, simple melody and for providing a feeling of security and serenity, helping little heartbeats to settle and calm as they drive off to sleep.

7. Bella's Lullaby

From Brahms Lullaby, we transition to Bella’s Lullaby. This short song features pleasant chords and an easy melody.

8. Spa Music

Before we get into the sounds of the ocean and nature tracks, we wanted to give your kids another instrumental in the form of Spa Music. If your child is still awake at this point, they’ll really appreciate this calming background song, the soothing chords, and the low notes.

9. Weightless

We've discussed Marconi Union's song Weightless in our Calm Music For Kids playlist blog. This song has been labelled by neuroscientists as the most relaxing song in the world. It helps to reduce anxiety and calm rates of breathing, while slowing down heartbeats. The song is so powerful it is known to put people in a trance-like state, so we couldn't create a sleep music for kids playlist without including this remarkable track.

10. Tranquil Ocean

This relaxing instrumental is designed to replicate the soothing to-ing and fro-ing of the ocean. The soft melody and the pleasing notes will help your child to drift off to sleep.

11. Serenity Track

Continuing on from Tranquil Ocean, Serenity Track also features splashing of waves, along with windchimes and slow background music. In fact, this is the perfect addition to any relaxing playlist — parents will love this track as much as kids.

12. Dreaming to Fly

This song is all about pan flutes, metal wind chimes, and long, low notes that are great for bedtime and relaxation.

13. Sleeping Trees

Sleeping Trees by John Ocean has a tempo of 77 beats per minute, making it the ideal tempo for a sleepy song. The track consists of many long, ethereal notes that will help your child transition into a deeper sleep.

14. Eternal Love

This sweet and soulful song by Patrick Pernard is designed to bring your mind and soul to a place of complete relaxation and contentment.

15. Golden Slumbers

With Golden Slumbers, we return to instrumental tracks. This calming track is reminiscent of the classic lullaby. Low-tempo and soothing, this song is guaranteed to send them off to sleep.

Do you have any tracks you think should be on this sleep music for kids playlist? Let us know!

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