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Spotify on Jooki


Follow these three easy steps to enjoy all your favorite Spotify playlists now on Jooki.

Make sure that your Jooki is connected to your home wifi network.

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A better way to enjoy music

Once you have linked a playlist to a character with the Jooki app, you will not need a phone anymore to play the music.

Your kid will just have to put a figurine on top of Jooki to trigger the playlist.

Discover Spotify connect

With Spotify Connect, you will be able to control your music directly from Jooki. You will need a Spotify premium account to use Spotify on Jooki

Spotify is all the music you’ll ever need. Millions of songs available instantly. Just search for the music you love, or let Spotify play you something great.

Nonstop tunes.

Make calls, watch videos, go out of range. The music keeps flowing.

Bring the party.

Ready made playlists for every mood and moment.