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All instructions for Jooki Go

Order tokens

  1. Follow the instructions given in the Jooki Go application
  2. Order your free tokens (Delivery by DPD in your mailbox)
  3. Watch your inbox and mailbox ;)

Tokens received

    1. Have Jooki tokens available.
    2. Open the Jooki Go app.
    3. Slide the token on the back of your phone.
    4. Look for the magic point where the token comes to life on the app!

  1. Remove and refit the token to see the color change!
  2. The first title of a Jooki playlist on Spotify starts!
  3. If you do not hear any music, download Spotify here (free or premium) and try again at the beginning.

Your child to try!

  1. Turn the phone around, face down
  2. Give the token to your child so he can place the token by himself
  3. Like magic, your child launches the songs!

Change music (only with Spotify)

  1. Open Spotify
  2. Create Spotify playlists and put songs in it.
  3. Back to Jooki Go
  4. Long press on the token
  5. Select “Change playlist”
  6. A list of your Spotify Playlists appears
  7. Select a playlist
  8. Test with the token