• Ready, set, action! jooki 2ND GENERATION

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Can Spotify free be used with Jooki?

Yes, this feature is available on both generations. Please beware that the Spotify Free subscription contains advertisements that cannot be blocked by Jooki, and could potentially be inappropriate for children. (Spotify Premium is ad-free).

Do I need an Internet connection to use Jooki?

To use Spotify or other streaming platforms internet connection is required. If the content is loaded to a SD card (Jooki 1st generation) or in the Jooki's internal memory (2nd generation), then no internet connection is required.

Can the 2nd generation tokens be used on the Jooki 1st generation?

Yes, the tokens and figurines for Jooki 2nd generation functionally work with Jooki 1st generation. However, they do not mechanically lock onto the 1st generation player and will not hold when the player is moved around.

Do I need an SD card?

No. Jooki 2nd generation has an internal memory capacity of 5GB.