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Songs and Stories for Children to Fit Every Mood

Songs and Stories for Children to Fit Every Mood

Whether your child is feeling happy, excited, adventurous, calm, or sleepy, music is a powerful tool to heighten or wind down the atmosphere.  

Music impacts our limbic system, the brain part that processes emotions and memory. Newborns’ hearing is particularly sensitive to sound: music and sounds can evoke powerful emotions in children and create strong associations with people, places, and feelings.  

While upbeat music can quicken children’s heartbeat and incite the urge to dance, mellow sounds can soothe nerves and prepare kids for bedtime. Here are eight songs and stories for children to fit every mood: 

Rise and shine

Get up, get silly, and get jiggy! Morning is the time to rise and shine with upbeat songs. Music with drums and percussion instruments provides an instant emotional release for children. While children's two brain hemispheres often operate on different wave frequencies, listening to rhythmic drumming can help to bring kids’ brains into sync, creating feelings of euphoria and boundless creativity.   

1. Happy by Pharrell Williams 

This irresistible song from Despicable Me 2 has had the whole world dancing together since its release. The cheerful tune of Happy is bound to get your family up on their feet, excited for the day ahead!  

 2. I Just Can't Wait to Be King by JD McCrary 

This song is charged with energy and excitement. The 2019 version of this iconic Lion King track tells the story of the Simba – the young lion cub who is to one day be the king of The Pride Lands. The song shows Simba's excitement – he can't wait to frolic around, have fun with his friends, and help the animals of The Pride Lands as king. 

Magic in the air 

To create a sense of magic and adventure, try these songs and stories that tell tales of lands far away. These magical stories give children the chance to use their imagination and picture new worlds.  

3. A Whole New World by ZAYNE, Zhavia Ward 

In this modern rendition of the classic Aladdin song, ZAYNE and Zhavia Ward sing about their whole new world that they discover together. Aladdin shows princess Jasmine a new life of freedom and love while riding together on a magic carpet. 

4. The Story of Alice and The While Rabbit 

Alice sees a white rabbit pull a watch out of his waistcoat and goes on to disappear into a rabbit hole. She decides to follow him down the hole and ends up at Wonderland, where she embarks on a magical journey that is filled with challenges and adventures. Her world becomes curiouser and curiouser! This popular story is a riveting tale of magic.  

Cozy contentment 

On a lazy afternoon or rainy day, these stories are perfect for creating a cozy setting. Snuggling up on the couch listening to a good story can help children feel a lasting mood of wellness and contentment. This can form warm memories that your child will cherish for the years to come.  

5. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

This well-known story is about Sam-I-Am's attempt to convince the narrator to try green eggs and ham. Throughout the book, he offers the unnamed narrator different locations and dining partners to try the delicacy. In the end, the narrator relents and eats the green eggs and ham and ends up loving the food. Narrated over soothing xylophone background music, this rhythmic and rhyming story reads like a song and is a great one to listen to curled up with a blanket.  

6. Don't Worry, Be Happy by Juice Music  

This remake of Bob Marley's famous feel-good tune is made to soothe worries and create a warm and glowing atmosphere. Hearing the singer say, "Look at me, I'm happy," is bound to leave a smile on your child's face.  

Sleepy stories

Play these stories as part of a relaxing bedtime ritual or before nap time to ease your child gently into a peaceful sleep.  

7. Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book 

This fun bedtime story tells the tale of a very small bug and a very big yawn that spreads and spreads. The Who's-Asleep-Count keeps growing as all the creatures join in. The soporific narration read over soothing background music is bound to get your child yawning and slipping into sweet dreams.  

8. Three Little Pigs 

In this well-loved fable, three pigs build houses of different materials. When a Big Bad Wolf comes to the pigs' houses looking for a meal, he blows down the first two pigs' houses made of straw and sticks. The wolf cannot blow down the third pig's house, which is made of bricks. This story is bound to wind down your little ones so they can sleep safe and sound.  

With these songs and stories, you are ready to soundtrack every mood for a screen-free childhood with Jooki.   

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