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"Our Jooki rocks" by Gemma

"Our Jooki rocks" by Gemma

Gemma is sharing her real-life experience with Jooki. This is the article she published on her blog. Thank you, Gemma! 


Our story with the Jooki began back in April 2016. I was first made aware of it on a Kickstarter advert on Facebook. After reading as much as I could about the product, we decided to back the project. It took a long time from backing to receiving the item. At times I wondered if we would ever receive it. One grey December day, a long 18 months later,  it arrived.  It was worth the wait.

jooki unboxing

What is a Jooki? 

It is a portable music player which is wi-if enabled. Unfortunately it is yet to work with Spotify or Google play but hopefully these streaming services will be added in the very near future. It has internal storage for when there is no wi- fi connection.

Jooki is based around  a set of figures or tokens. You programme the figures or tokens to your child’s favourite music, storybooks, radio stations. When they are placed on the speaker they play the track list you pre programmed.  It has similarities with using Disney Infitiy or Ninetemdo’s Amiibo, using a object to interact with technology.  But the Jooki has no screen. Listening to music has once again become listening. Not watching a video of it on a smartphone or a tablet.

Jooki music player with character tokens

On the front of the speaker there is a circle dock to the base of the figure. When the figure or token is placed on the Jooki that track list plays. In addition there are simple to use buttons for volume control and skipping forward or back tracks. The figure or token stays on when the Jooki is vertical, perfect and frustration free when little hands are carrying it around using the big chunky handle. It is so simple for children to use.

As a parent you can control Jooki from an app that lets you upload songs to the figures and tokens, keep the volume in check and set timers for its use.

Jooki difference 

I don’t want to be cliched but it really has changed things. Meemoo and Pook have control over listening to their music. They have music on more, listening to it rather than watching it!  They are up and dancing so much. I don’t get constant requests for can we listen too their current favourite songs, as Pook says “We can listen to music whenever we want. ”

The only downside is when I forget to charge it overnight and they can’t have Jooki in the morning.


By Gemma - Contributor


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