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Fun Exercises for Kids at Home (With Spotify Playlists)

Fun Exercises for Kids at Home (With Spotify Playlists)

If you and your kids are stuck at home, we've got a selection of fun exercises for kids, to keep them stimulated and healthy.

With so many of us still self-isolating through the Coronavirus pandemic, getting our kids to be active can be tricky. They’re used to being outside with their friends, running around the playground, playing tag, and exhausting themselves with make-believe games. With limited social interaction and with adults who — let’s be honest — aren’t as inclined to hours of imaginative games that require a lot of energy, kids might be turning to screens for entertainment.

The issue is, physical activity is essential to our kids. They need to get off the couch, away from screens, and exercise their growing bodies. It’s best for their health — physical and mental — and lack of exercise has some far-reaching consequences.

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Thankfully, we have some fun exercises for your kids to do at home, along with handy Spotify playlists you can play through your Jooki. First, let’s explore a little more about why exercise is so important for kids, how much exercise kids need, and how to get your children enthusiastic about exercise at home.

Why Is Exercise so Important for Kids?

According to the World Health Organization, for kids to grow up healthy and happy, they need to sit down less and get up and play more. The WHO found that lack of exercise has an impact on how well kids sleep, which, of course, has a knock-on effect on behavior. But the value of exercise doesn’t end there.

Some sources suggest exercise for kids is key to reducing long-term illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. Further to this, physical activity can impact kids' self-esteem and mood, making them less prone to stress and depression. Not to mention, exercise can help to improve a child's balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength.

How Much Exercise Do Kids Need?

According to the WHO, children aged between five-17 need at least one hour of moderate to vigorous activity each day. Most of this activity should be aerobic — and the more exercise they get, the better.

This amount of physical activity will help to strengthen their muscles and bones. It'll clear their heads, get their adrenaline pumping, and boost their mood — thereby making life easier for parents everywhere! We should note that the one hour of physical activity should not spread out over a day. Kids at this age should be getting continuous exercise, and it should be an activity that engages and excites them. So it’s worth checking in on your child to see if there is a particular sport, game, or activity that genuinely interests them.

Getting Your Kids Excited to Exercise

One way to get your kids excited about exercising is to make it a family activity. Remember, you're a role model for your kids. They are looking to you to see what behavior and habits to mimic, good or bad. If they see you being physically active and having fun with exercise, they'll pick up on the fact that exercise is a good thing.

Your kids want your attention. They also want to make you proud and to share interests with you. By taking the time to exercise with your kid, you help to build up positive associations with exercise and activity. If your child has such fond memories of getting up and moving, they’re much more likely to keep it up into adulthood.

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Fun Exercises for Kids at Home (With Spotify Playlists!) So we know exercise is good — but let’s be honest, at the moment, our options are limited. We can’t go out to the playground, we can’t take up a new team sport, and we can’t organize meet-ups with our friends. Some of us don’t even have gardens, which makes getting out and getting fresh air all the more difficult. Thankfully, there are some fun exercises for kids to do at home — and we have some Spotify playlists to make the experience even more engaging for your little ones.

1. Kids Movement Songs

Listen to this playlist

Kids love instructional songs. They have grown up with them, and they’re a great way of loosening up your kids. Think of them as a warm-up. This playlist has some great songs that will get kids up and moving, being silly, getting their energy out, and having a great time. Some examples of songs from this playlist include “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” “Hokey Pokey,” and “Shake My Sillies Out.”

2. Let’s Play

Listen to this playlist

This playlist is great for younger children. It's designed to get little ones excited and moving, with classics like “Baby Shark,” “Dance Like a Monster” and “Clap Clap Clap.” If mom and dad are dancing along, kids will be particularly excited about “We're a Family.”

3. Kids Exercise

Listen to this playlist

Kids have a real connection to music, which is why so many of their favorite movies are cram-packed full of upbeat songs. This playlist is a combination of songs straight from movie classics and modern hits. Your kids will love to dance to Moana's “You're Welcome” and “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid.

4. Jooki & TROLLS World Tour

Listen to this playlist

Here at Jooki, we absolutely love Trolls. Of course, we do — everyone does! The energy, the colors, and the songs are perfectly tailored to get us excited and energized. Your kids will love dancing around to this Trolls World Tour playlist.

5. Move It! Exercise Songs for Kids

Listen to this playlist

This is another playlist for slightly younger kids. With songs like “Run Around Kid,” “Heads, Shoulders Knees, and Toes” and “Wag Your Tail,” this is a great playlist to get kids up, running around, laughing, and generally exhausting themselves.

6. Kids Yoga & Meditation

Listen to this playlist

… And breathe. Energetic, active exercise is great for kids, but if you want to get them to wind down and chill out, yoga and meditation are definitely the way to go. This playlist is the perfect combination of relaxing, soothing melodies that will help dial down the energy levels until your children are ready for bed. Parents should guide their kids through simple yoga poses, like the Sun Salutation, while talking them through deep breathing. Yoga is a great exercise for a kid who is generally fairly anxious or stressed. In fact, we have a calm playlist for kids that might help if you are finding this to be an issue during these worrying times.

Remember, exercise should be fun! If your child doesn’t seem inclined toward a particular exercise or song, don’t push them. Instead, work with them to find something they genuinely enjoy, and before long, they will be up and dancing along with you.

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