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Fighting Boredom During Self-Quarantine With Kids

Fighting Boredom During Self-Quarantine With Kids

What to do to keep our children physically and mentally active at home?

Working from home and homeschooling can be overwhelming for parents, but it is an adjustment for kids, too. They miss their friends, routines, teachers, and classes. To help your family make this time of crisis feel a little more normal, our number one recommendation is to do what works best for your family. Our second recommendation is to preserve your family time because whether you choose to keep a schedule or not, there is always time to have fun! 

We’ve already talked about reasons to reduce screen time here, now we’ll give you 10 extra fun activities to enjoy indoors with its own special playlist.

1. Have a Dance Party

Studies have found that dancing can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, and can boost self-esteem. It's a great exercise for kids' hearts and bones! And don’t worry about the songs, we’ve put together the perfect playlist for your party: Let's dance! 

2. Set up a treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are super easy to set up. Hiding something between 10 and 20 items around the house or in the backyard can keep your kids occupied for a few hours. Doesn’t it sound like a Happy Day?!

3. Read-at-home bingo

As your kids accomplish each reading task, they should cross off each bingo square. To inspire their imagination and get them ready to a magic world of play pretend, start with some audio stories. Listen to The Coolest Children’s Stories.

4. Have an indoor picnic

Grab a sheet, some fruits, and snacks you already have in the pantry, and enjoy a living room picnic. You can even play board games and have a Disney soundtrack to complete the experience.

5. Download printables

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be boring. Get some cool printables and have fun together while listening to the Fantastic Mr. Fox playlist.

6. Put a puzzle together

Get those puzzles that have been sitting in the cabinet forever out of retirement. Puzzles not only exercise our minds but also challenge our way of thinking. Let’s play

7. Play charades

There’s no talking in this activity, but you can always have a great playlist playing. Do you dare to Sing-Along?  In this game, there're just you and your family acting something out. It’s a classic boredom-saver. If you don’t know how it works don't worry, Family Education explains it all. 

8. Make a pizza

Time to be creative and try new flavors! Get whatever you have laying around the house, and that’s what’s going on your homemade pizza. Who knows, you might have a new favorite. Listen to Pizza Dough on Spotify to set the mood!

9. Make a sock puppet

Find a clean sock (preferably), that's long enough to cover your arm. You can be as creative as you wish with your kids when decoration it. Slip the sock on so your fingers are in the toe area and enjoy this theatrical afternoon. Listen to this great Sesame Street playlist for inspiration.

10. Make Easter crafts

Easter is coming, after all. From egg carton chicks to cotton ball bunnies, there are tons of Easter craft options you can explore. Let this Easter playlist set the mood!

Learn more about Jooki and give your children more control over their music and audiobooks.

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