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5 Reasons Jooki Is the Best Christmas Toy for Children

5 Reasons Jooki Is the Best Christmas Toy for Children

Make sure this screen-free music player for children is on your Christmas list!

It’s that time of year again. Parents are receiving letters to Santa and no-so-veiled hints on what they’d like to unwrap on the big day. Meanwhile, parents have the usual concerns — are these toys good for my child? Will they stimulate them? Will they help them develop and grow, or will they keep them rooted to the couch for hours on end in a zombie-like trance?

Choosing the right Christmas present for your child isn’t an easy task for a conscious parent, but thankfully we have the solution for you. Below, we’ll explore exactly why Jooki is one of the best children’s toys you can buy your little one this year.

1. It’s a Great Screen-Free Alternative

Many modern parents are worried about the amount of screen time our kids are getting, and health experts agree, saying we need to drastically cut screen time for our children. The problem is, screens are everywhere. Your kids are never far from a television, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. They’re a part of everyday life. But they don’t need to be a fundamental part of childhood.

Jooki is a screen-free music player, so parents can rest assured that their child is getting a much-needed break from the screen while they are listening to their music or their favorite audiobook.

2. It’s Interactive — Collect Your Favorite Tokens

Not only is Jooki screen-free — it’s also fun and interactive for growing minds. Parents can link playlists to characters and tokens, so kids have control over what they listen to. The tokens add an element of play to the Jooki your kids will love. Rather than scrolling through your MP3 player to find the tune that is right for them, they will reach for the right character, place it in the center of the player, and enjoy the music — it’s as simple as that.

3. It’s Portable — Take It

Anywhere The Jooki is sturdy, durable, and portable. Kids can carry it anywhere around the house and in the car on trips. It can connect to the Internet via WiFi so your child can play his or her favorite Spotify playlist, or you can use the Jooki’s internal storage when you lose internet connection away from home. The Jooki is the perfect size and weight for your child to carry around without worrying about it getting lost or broken.

4. You Can Enjoy Personalized Playlists

One of Jooki’s best features is the fact you can create personalized playlists and link them to Jooki tokens and characters. This will help to develop your child’s love for music and their individual tastes. You can even make a game of it with your kids — set aside some time to create a bedtime playlist or a travel playlist, let your child choose a token, and you are set. When they are in the mood for a relaxing tune or an engaging audiobook, they know what token to turn to and place on their favorite music player.

5. You Can Use the Jooki to Enjoy a Bedtime Story

Storytime is a hugely important part of your child’s day. It can help to set the tone for bed while developing their vocabulary and stirring their imagination.

Jooki isn’t just for music. Our customer’s kids also love using Jooki to listen to bedtime stories with their parents. Snuggle up just before bed and enjoy a story or two on Spotify. This is a great way for parent and child to enjoy stories together and to create special bonds in these early years.

Your child will be over the moon to unwrap a Jooki this Christmas. Buy a Jooki today and beat the Christmas rush.

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