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Try Jooki at Showstoppers - Berlin

Try Jooki at Showstoppers - Berlin

MuuseLabs will be at Showstoppers on the 31st of august

Have you ever tried to share music with kids without handing over your phone or tablet? Want to try a Jooki and get more insights on how it works ? 

Meet us at Showstoppers on the 31st of august in Berlin. 

Music can be such a gift! With this in mind, MuuseLabs created Jooki: the first connected music player that is easy and fun to use. Place a figurine on top of Jooki, it works!

Jooki can directly stream music via WiFi from an internet radio station or from services such as Spotify or Deezer. To create a specific playlist i.e. travelling, dancing or bedtime, place a Jooki figurine on top of Jooki, use the Jooki app (mobile or web) to drag and drop files from an iTunes library or a cloud source and assign a playlist to the Jooki figurine.

To save parents from listening to the same tune for hours on end, Jooki also features a headphone jack, a Bluetooth connection for those modern headphones and has expandable storage to hold 1000+ songs for offline play. Take Jooki anywhere and listen to music from high-quality speakers at a sleepover party, on the way to school, at Grandma and Grandpa’s house or even outside in the park. Jooki has 8 hours of battery time for those hours away from home and designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Jooki is sturdy and spill proof for active kids.


Jooki - The Jukebox For Kids (Explainer)

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