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Jooki Uncovered at CES Unveiled Paris

Jooki Uncovered at CES Unveiled Paris

The worlds’ best music player for kids

MuuseLabs is a family tech consumer electronics company. It develops Jooki - The Jukebox for Kids - a wireless speaker with an intuitive figurine-based interface where each figurine is a playlist. Jooki is fully standalone and plays files stored locally (sourced from CDs or iTunes) and also supports wifi Spotify streaming and Bluetooth.

Children operate Jooki by putting “Stars” on it. These Stars are figurines and tokens, and act as physical bookmarks to digital audio. Each toy includes an NFC chip that links to a playlist, podcast or web-stream. Parents manage what their children listen to by way of an app to upload music to Jooki and link Stars to it.

Funded on Kickstarter, Jooki is a fun music player that anyone can use anywhere, anytime. It is designed to share the magic of music with the entire family, including the youngest ones.

The company will be presenting live demos of Jooki at CES Unveiled in Paris on October 25th 2016. 


Modern kids are losing access to music

With the rise of smartphones and the disappearance of tapes and CDs, young kids have lost the ability to listen independently to music. Parents are faced with the choice of letting kids play with their phone or acting as gatekeepers to music.

I feel like a full-time DJ when I have to pull out my phone to play a song for my daughter fives times in a row. As a child, I could take a CD or cassette and play it on my own. Our jukebox for kids revives the joy and freedom that physical control over music provides.

Theodore Marescaux, Founder & CEO of MuuseLabs. 


Putting kids back in control - Introducing Jooki, the jukebox for kids

Jooki is a wifi speaker and music player designed especially for children. Kids start a story, song or album simply by placing a Jooki Star onto Jooki. No smartphone or tablet required. The Jooki Stars act as bookmarks to digital media, replacing CDs and come in the form of fun figurines and colorful tokens. They are easy on little fingers and almost indestructible.

Children have a fresh, innocent view of the world. With Jooki they can independently and safely explore music and stories. The screen-free interface makes for a whole new experience. Fantastic fun, interactive and intuitive!

Theodore Marescaux, Founder & CEO of MuuseLabs.


Parental peace of mind

Jooki lets parents decide what their children can listen to. The intuitive app lets parents easily upload music and stories to Jooki. It also provides control over when and how the listening happens: parents can limit the volume, set times for waking and sleeping and make custom playlists for car trips, bedtime, cleaning up, dancing etc.

Parents can relax knowing their kids are enjoying music and stories in a safe, commercial-free environment, without the risk of ending up on an inappropriate website. Jooki is also one of the first “Internet-of-Things” devices for children that is designed to comply with the strict new EU directive on privacy and data security.

As fathers ourselves, we understand the need for a safe, hassle-free product. Our goal has been to give the best to our children and we think that all kids should be able to enjoy the freedom and joy of Jooki.

Pieter Palmers, Co-Founder of MuuseLabs.


Quality audio for kids

Jooki is kid and splash proof but unlike toy music players, Jooki has excellent audio quality. Thanks to its stylish design Jooki is equally at home in the bedroom or living room. With a rechargeable battery and storage for 1000+ songs, kids can listen at home, in the car or even outdoors.


Kickstarter campaign overfunded

MuuseLabs successfully launched Jooki, the first smart jukebox for kids, and 359 backers help overfund their Kickstater campaign ( reaching €53,974 out of the €50,000 goal. Jooki is now available for pre-orders on for $159 and will be available in stores by the end of 2017 for 199€ / $199.


Live demos at CES Unveiled Paris - October 25th 2016

The company will be presenting live demos of Jooki at CES Unveiled in Paris on October 25th 2016 ( CES Unveiled is the place to see firsthand the ground-breaking innovation from French and European tech companies ahead of CES Las Vegas in January 2017.

Jooki is a creation of three geek dads who left their hi-tech jobs at Google, Huawei and Barco to start MuuseLabs. With their mix of technology and design skills and their love for music and kids, they aim to radically improve the music experience of kids in the 21st century.

With Jooki, MuuseLabs will officially represent Belgium at the international finals of the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 20th and 21st 2016.


Jooki - The Jukebox For Kids (Explainer)

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