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Jooki rocking at the finals of the MidemLab music startup competition

Jooki rocking at the finals of the MidemLab music startup competition

Meet Jooki at MidemLab next week, 5-8 June in Cannes, France

MuuseLabs, the Brussels-based consumer electronics startup, announces that Jooki – the smart speaker for independent kids - has been chosen among 217 music startups from 31 countries as one of the 5 finalists to compete in the “Experiential technology” category at MidemLab ( in Cannes, France on June 5 to 8.
Theo Marescaux, MuuseLabs’ CEO, will present Jooki (, the innovative and unique music speaker for kids in the category “Experiential technology".

After the digital turn, music has been dematerialized and is now mostly accessible on streaming services through mobile phones. For adults, what a delight! For kids… not so much. Jooki gives back to children the immediate availability of music – just like a good old music tape. The high-quality portable WiFi speaker – brightly coloured and designed for kids’ hands – works with cute little characters; when popped on top of Jooki, they trigger playlists. Just like that, nothing else to do to let children enjoy music! Each character can be configured to stream a playlist from services such as Spotify, web radios or mp3s stored on the player. Parents create playlists in an eye blink and control what content is appropriate.

Midem is the leading international marketplace for the global music community, and it exists since 1966! As a very well-known and respected event in the music industry, Midem also helps startups and creative projects. MidemLab is where startups get in the spotlight to present innovative and disrupting ideas. That’s where Jooki will enchant the audience!

On June 6th, Theodore Marescaux, CEO of MuuseLabs, will present Jooki in front of a jury composed of high-profile professionals from the music industry, venture capital and media coming from all over the world. The pitching event is from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM at the Music Lab. The winner will be announced at 5:30 PM.

Come to listen and discover how Jooki is going to change forever the way you share and listen to music with your kids!

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