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Jooki is the high-quality music player… built for kids, and it has no screen

Jooki is the high-quality music player… built for kids, and it has no screen

Children are free of movement when listening to their favorite song or story

Everyone loves music, kids most of all. But have you ever tried to share music with kids without handing over your phone or tablet? With this in mind, MuuseLabs created Jooki: a real, high-quality music player that is designed for children.

We've all heard how too much screen time is bad for young children, that's why Jooki has no screen. Kids are free to dance, play, do all sorts of activities while listening to their favourite music.

So simple any child can enjoy it independently

It’s a real music player, but it’s built for kids. Children can enjoy it on their own, without any help from their parents. Each character, configured by mom or dad, is a playlist of parent-approved music. Children can easily change playlists by swapping figurines on top of Jooki.

Parents choose the music, they’re in control

Jooki connects to the wifi to let the parents create playlists with Jooki’s web or mobile application (Android & iOS). Each playlist is then linked to one figurine.

Jooki can play from internal storage (also in offline mode):

  • AAC music files directly dragged and dropped from iTunes
  • All other music files (MP3, OGG Vorbis, FLAC and many others such as AIFF, WAV) uploaded from computer

In wifi connected mode, Jooki plays:

  • any web radio
  • playlists from streaming services
The future of Jooki is to fully integrate into the family ecosystem

Jooki is a fast-evolving product. The co-founders of MuuseLabs (the startup behind Jooki) imagine Jooki as an interactive platform that is part of the family life and drives children and parents to be creative. For example, a recording function will lead to fun possibilities of messaging and playback. But that's only the beginning!


In preview at CES 2017, Jooki has now launched in Europe with a bang and is available online in the US.
MuuseLabs, the Belgian startup behind Jooki, will be at Showstoppers #CES18 to show you the easiest and funniest way to play and share music, because it works with adults too!


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